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Ambh is Captain and Flirt of the crew Dowecarenokkthxbai, which has been recently renamed from Eon. She sails the Sage Ocean but has numerous pirates on other oceans.

She crew hopped for a few months upon starting, before settling down in PIRATES OF DARK WATERS in which she was made a fleet officer. She stayed in this crew for a while before moving to another crew, called Red Dawn.

Mahr, a senior officer from Red Dawn decided to make another crew named Scallyways. The captain of Red Dawn then merged the crew with Scallyways. Mahr then created the flag Mistiquic of Sage but then later moved to the flag Insurrectionists.

After a time in Insurrectionists the Scallyways decided it was time to move on and so Mahr decided to create a flag. It was named Sirens of the Sea.

Ambh later left Scallyways to form her own crew, Eon, which has now been renamed to Dowecarenokkthxbai. The crew then joined Sirens of the Sea and Ambh was made a royal. They then left to create their own flag called Locomotion, however, after a while with her new flag, Ambh and her crew decided to instead join the flag Absolute Perfection.


Current Captain of Dowecarenokkthxbai

Current Lady of Absolute Perfection

Has achieved the Ultimate Carpenter, Bilger, Gunner and Poker trophies.

Has achieved the Number 1 Poker trophy