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Aerten is an active pirate on the Sage Ocean. She currently upholds a place of honor in the revered crew Agapi Chaose as second in command, navigator, and supreme senior officer. She is a princess of the flag Chaos Dynasteia, and a lieutenant commander in the Admiral Island Navy in the Gull Archipelago.


Princess Aerten's mysterious beginning in puzzle pirates is somewhat unclear to those who do not already know it. Aerten was named after an ancient Greek Goddess, who is said to have ruled over death and pain. Eerie enough, she was not always this goddess of chaos, but started out in late 2007 as Acestar. Aerten's former pirate made many hearties across the Sage Ocean during the duration of her time, but eventually chaos took its toll and destiny rolled out in front of her. Joining together with newest heartie, Anastasea, Acestar and she remade their puzzle pirate accounts and started from near scratch. Today, the girls are inseparable. Aerten plans to conquer the seas alongside former Anastasea, Analete.


Aerten has a love for gambling, this much is true, and is known to spend hours on end at the poker tables. Not one to gamble ALL away, however, she has also been spotted on many occasions out on the sea. During the summer she is known to pillage away until the break of dawn. Not much for taking orders from others, or giving them, she prefers to pilly solo or with Ana. Some of her favorite puzzles include Carpentry, Gunnery, and Battle Navigation, although she is more than an expert in all others.

Equal to her love of gambling is her love of all things shiny, gold, silver, and her undeniable love for others. Quick tempered when hyper, she will quickly put a smile on yer face any day you feel down.

Finally, she has a soft spot for her puppy dogs, China the Panda, and Chester the Cat. Her rat, regrettably, is neglected from the love fest shared between pirate and pet. Not to exclude her kitty cat Greenie Apocalypse. Let it never be said that Aerten did not name her pets in an ordinary fashion. That in and of itself would be a crime.

Unknown and Unimportant facts

  • Rumor has it that Aerten is also a cannibal. Rumor only.
  • It's been said she has a habit of staying up too late then waking up early.
  • Not only is she an impressive pirate, but she's also an artist and accomplished writer.
  • She hopes to use her work one day in the game, given the opportunity.
  • She loves you!!!