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Once every so often, the greatest competitors on a given ocean come together to prove their mettle at one of several piratey events. These games - organized by Artemis and Apollo - are known as the Olympic Champions League (or OCL), and are a source of pride and bragging rights for those who are skilled enough to take home the championship in a given event.

Over their four-year history, These games have been run six times. Beginning on Midnight, they expanded as new oceans were opened to include separate competitions on Cobalt, Viridian, Sage, and Hunter. Originally composed of two different leagues - Sea Battle and Team Brawl - a third league (Team Drinking) was added during the second season, and these three leagues have made up all OCL seasons since. Pirates form teams, and enlist in one or more OCL leagues, competing for the glory and prizes that come with a victory.

Indeed, the prizes are not to be scoffed at. Each member of the first place team in an OCL league receives a pure white familiar (parrots for the Team Brawl winners, monkeys for the Sea Battle winners, and octopi for the Team Drinking winners), which will mark those illustrious and skilled pirates for what they are - the victors over their peers in one of the most demanding competitions in any of the Oceans.