The Mercenaries of Sage

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The Mercenaries of Sage at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Senemuta
Senior Officer(s) Wildmanfizat, Livanna
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation The Interminable Nomads
Founded 14 December, 2007
Disbanded as of 18 May, 2009
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The Mercenaries of Sage sails the Sage ocean and was started by Senemuta and Wildmanfizat and is under the flag The Interminable Nomads with around 64 members.


The Mercenaries of Sage started off as an idea of Senemuta and Wildmanfizat while they were in their previous crew The Crusaders of Sage. The idea was born out of the frustration at the low standard of officers + and the lack of officer training before people were let free on the ocean waves. So the crew was started with a set promotion plan and being promoted to Officer required personal training with Captain Senemuta aswell as close observation of character. Due to these careful plans and solid structures the crew climbed up the ranks and reached eminent fame and even though it is growing big the crew still manages to keep everyone close with long pillages and crew poker days.

The goal of The Mercenaries of Sage is to provide other flags with additional help during blockades etc and try and make sure that their crew members are skilled in atleast one of the puzzles to provide expert help to those in need.

On January 30th 2008 The Mercenaries of Sage gathered their forces and went into the Penobscot event blockade under their flag The Interminable Nomads. The 1 round blockade was won by The Interminable Nomads at an astounding 164 - 20 points.

Crew Stalls

  • Hitomi's Apothecary Stall - Scrimshaw
  • Livanna's Weavery Stall - Scrimshaw
  • Livanna's Tailoring Stall - Scrimshaw
  • Salm's Ironmonger Stall - Admiral
  • Senemuta's Ironmonger Stall - Scrimshaw
  • Shivara's Furnishing Stall - Scrimshaw

Crew Activities

The Mercenaries of Sage is always very active in pillages throughout the whole ocean. They invest in new crew members' stalls and provide treasury PoE for badges, ships etc.