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Wildmanfizat, is a senior officer, lieutenant, and top diplomat of The Mercenaries of Sage, which was co-founded with Senemuta. He also holds the royalty position of prince in the flag The Interminable Nomads, which he also co-founded with Senemuta.

He has been active since mid-October. He sails the Sage Ocean with his captain and wife, Senemuta. He resides on Scrimshaw Island and is always seen at the Bermuda Triangle playing parlor games, mostly poker. He is manager of Senemuta's Ironworking Stall on Scrimshaw.

Wildmanfizat is always dressed in his crew uniform, mostly red and yellow accent, because of his dedication to it. He is always willing to help those in need and sometimes will dig in his pockets for those who are in dire need. But most of the time he donated 95% of his money to his crew.


  • Senemuta's Ironworking Stall- Manager- Scrimshaw Island
  • Livanna's Weaving Stall- Manager- Scrimshaw Island