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Hitomi is a senior officer of Femmes Enigmatiques and lady of Candy Coated Chaos on the Sage Ocean. She is a fleet officer of Elitism Central and member of Theatre of War on the Malachite Ocean. Hitomi is currently an independent pirate on the Hunter Ocean.


Hitomi joined the game in September 2007 and joined the crew All for Rum as a cabin person. After she reached the rank of pirate within All for Rum she left due to problems with the crew. She joined a crew under Defiredude and Starsfire, and then continued to follow them after their crew was merged into the Skeletons. The became -Dynamite- and Hitomi worked her way up from pirate to senior officer in a couple weeks through extreme trust and leadership. After the merge, she was demoted to fleet officer because of co-captains being senior officers.

She later left the crew and is currently an independent pirate.


When Hitomi made a pirate on Sage Ocean she came across a small crew of 20 pirates called The Mercenaries of Sage. She pillaged with them as a gunner which lead to her joining the crew as a cabin person. Hitomi soon became a pirate after several miserable hours of bilging.

Hitomi is now in the crew Femmes Enigmatiques.

Shoppes and Stalls

Icon tailor.png Manages: Seven Seas Seamsters on Scrimshaw Island

Icon weavery.png Manages: Livanna's Weaving stall on Scrimshaw Island.


When Malachite opened on May 5th, she made a pirate and joined Elitism Central under the Flag Midnight's Massive Masts and worked for hours to make her stats equal to that of her pirates on the other oceans. Hitomi is in Elitism Central to this day.