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Lanks is a pirate on the Sage and Viridian Oceans. He was in-game married to Deanne (who is now know as Eternity) on November 12, 2005.


Sage Ocean

Viridian Ocean


Lanks started playing Puzzle Pirates on the Viridian Ocean in May 2005. At some point, he joined The Bloody Marauders, and made it to officer, only to find that his crew disbanded very soon after. He then moved along to phals, and made it to fleet officer, before the crew decided to move to the Sage Ocean. Lanks moved with, and eventually made it to senior officer. During this time he had a short transfer to the temporary crew Wrath, that was created as a placeholder crew to keep those that disagreed with phals' ruler at that time together, only to have Wrath merge back into phals shortly after, when things where cleared out.

After a while, Lanks separated from phals with a few fellow senior officers, and he ended up being senior officer and first mate of The Jolly Rogers. On July 3th, 2006, Eternity (who was the crew's captain at that time) stepped down so she could focus on the flag more, and Lanks was promoted to captain. On August 24th, 2006 however, Lanks realized that his real life demanded too much time, and he couldn't find the time to lead the crew in the way he felt was needed, and therefore returned the rank of captain to Eternity. On October 4th, 2006 Lanks realized that his game time had become too limited to be a good righthand to his captain, and resigned from his position as first mate in the crew.

Lanks currently serves as a senior officer and first mate of the crew -Perfection-, and as a member of the flag Absolute Perfection on the Sage Ocean. Every now and then he can still be found on the Viridian Ocean as well, where he joined Blood Raven - the crew of Evab, an old friend - as officer and got promoted to fleet officer on August 12, 2006.