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Brief overview

The software YPPedia is run on utilizes a large range of specialized text editing tools for fast and easy editing within YPPedia, this guide will give a brief example of some of these, and how to use them.

Quick Reference Table

Markup code What it looks like
'''Bold face font''' Bold face font
''Italicized font'' Italicized font
'''''Bold & italicized font''''' Bold & italicized font
<nowiki>No wiki formatting</nowiki> No wiki formatting



Guppymomma 12:43, 16 January 2006 (PST)


12:43, 16 January 2006 (PST)


--Guppymomma 12:40, 16 January 2006 (PST)

:Indented text

::Indented indented text

Indented text
Indented indented text
*Bulleted text

**Indented bulleted text

  • Bulleted text
    • Indented bulleted text
#Numbered text

##Indented numbered text

  1. Numbered text
    1. Indented numbered text

Changing your font face


To bold a word or phrase, place three single quotation marks (''') at the beginning and end of the text you want to bold.

Example: '''Bold'''

Will become: Bold


To italicize your text, place two single quotation marks ('') on each end of the text you want to italicize.

Example: ''Italics''

Will become: Italics

Bolding and italicizing

To bold and italicize, place five single quotation marks (''''') around the text to be modified.

Example: '''''Bold and italics'''''

Will become: Bold and italics

No wiki formatting

To remove any specialized formatting, use the <nowiki> and </nowiki> tags.

Example: <nowiki>'''Bold font'''</nowiki>
Will become: '''Bold font'''

Signing your work (on talk pages)

Name only

To sign your name, place three tildes (~~~) where you want your name signed. (NOTE: Clicking on your name will link to your user page.)

Example: ~~~

Will become: YourNameHere

Name and Timestamp

To sign your name with the current time, sign with four tildes (~~~~) where you want your name signed. (NOTE: Clicking on your name will link to your user page.)

Example: ~~~~

Will Become: YourNameHere 04:17, 27 02 2024 (PDT)

Timestamp only

To sign with only a timestamp, use five tildes (~~~~~) where you want the timestamp to be placed.

Example: ~~~~~

Will become: 04:17, 27 02 2024 (PDT)

Indenting and listing


To indent your text place a colon (:) on the beginning of the line. Adding two colons would double the indent, three would triple it, and so forth.


No indent

Will Become:

No indent



To create a bulleted list, place an asterisk (*) at the beginning of each line you want bulleted. Similarly to indents, adding a second asterisk will indent the bullets.


No bullet

Will Become:

No bullet

  • Bullet
    • Bullet

Numeric listing

To create a numbered list, place a number sign (also known as the hash mark) (#) at the beginning of the lines you want numbered, as with indents and bullets, multiple number signs will increase the indent.


No numbers

Will Become:

No numbers

  1. Numbers
    1. Numbers


To add headings which will, in turn, add entries to the Table of Contents at the top of the page, create a new line with your heading surrounded by a number of equal signs (=). Sub-headings are created by adding another equal sign to each side.


===Example heading===
====Example subheading====

Will Become:

Example Heading

Example Subheading

Note how the table of contents at the top of the page responds to sub-headings. Most wiki pages use two equal signs (==heading==) for their main headings.

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