Eternity (pirate)

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Eternity (pirate)
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Eternity is senior officer of the crew Tales from the Deep flying under the flag of Jigsaw Tessellators. Before this, she was captain of The Jolly Rogers and princess of Furious Renegades.

She was formerly known as Deanne, and was under that name in-game married to Lanks on November 12, 2005.



Eternity started the game as Deanne, and has been playing with that name for a long time. As Deanne she made it through the ranks of phals from cabin person to senior officer and princess of Muro Ami. On the 12th of November in the year 2005 she was joined in marriage in-game with Lanks by Mariss, who was captain of phals at that time.

After some time she moved to The Jolly Rogers with a few fellow senior officers, where she became captain.


In the first quarter of 2006 she decided it was time for change, and changed her main character from Deanne to Eternity, who therefore gained the position of captain of The Jolly Rogers.

When The Jolly Rogers decided together with Shark Raiders to found the flag Blaze of Glory on March 6th, 2006 she also became queen of that flag.

On July 3rd, 2006 she decided to put down her captaincy, to be able to focus more on her being queen, and gave the position of captain up in favor of Lanks. On August 24th, 2006 Lanks returned the rank of captain to Eternity, because of a lack of time for the game. On August 29th, 2006 her official ranking in the flag changed to princess, although she continued to act as queen, co-leading Blaze of Glory together with Aapje.


  • Former senior officer of The Jolly Rogers
  • Former queen of Blaze of Glory
  • Former senior officer of phals (as Deanne)
  • Former princess of Muro Ami (as Deanne)