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This article is about the active Sage flag. For the defunct flag, see Dominant Storm.
Emerald Ocean
Last Monarch Dutchharley of Dominators of Sage
Member crew(s) Black Hearted, Brothers of the Coast, Dominators of Sage, Dynamic Riches, Eternal Renegade Kaders, Fuerza Latina, HAMS On The Ocean, Importance Of Being Idle, LoKi, Not Applicable, One Million, Phantom Vikings, Puyo Puyo, Rapture, The Sage Crusaders, The Seperation, Turkish Navy, xsuperior, YOPO
Founded 13 May, 2009
Virtually dormant as of 19 February, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info

DOMINANT STORM is currently a virtually dormant flag on the Emerald Ocean formerly of Sage. It was founded under the name Furious Renegades.

Public statement

Bigger And Better Things To Come! Flag Funds Located On Dominant Plaice On Admiral Stop By And Donate Today !

Extended public statement

Hello and welcome to the Furious Renegades

Founders: Dutchharley Rainbowhawk Cugix Lesthat

New Crews Joining :) You will get Titles and Royals depending on the fame of your crew. ALL royals MUST log on at least 4 times a week and vote. Exceptions will be made for LARGE crews.
Rumored: 1 Title
Noted: 2 Titles
Established: 2 Titles
Renowned: 1 Title and 1 Royal
Celebrated: 2 Titles and 1 Royal
Eminent: 3 Titles and 1 Royal
Illustrious: 4 Titles and 2 Royals


The flag was formed on May 13, 2009 under the name Furious Renegades, by Dutchharley of the crew Dominators of Sage.

DOMINANT STORM now has a new king: Dutchharley of Dominators of Sage.

Setting a never before achived goal... Furious Renegades achived the status of #2 flag on Sage in just 4 days.


# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 17 May 2009 Wissahickon XXII Attacking Yes Unwanted Attention vs. Furious Renegades 3:0 Didn't win island

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Founded By Dutchharley on May 13th 2009. This flag is being started and run by the loyal members of the now disbanded flag, Dominant Storm.

Shortly after founding, on May 17th 2009, they set for their first blockade, which they couldn't attend.