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Yohehe is a senior officer in the crew Hunters and Collectors within the flag fAThOm tHiS on the Emerald Ocean.


Yohehe often runs successful sloop pillies and the occational warbrig pilly. He loves to CI, SMH, but most of all he loves to run event blockades. ( Too bad he doesnt get anything out of them :O) If not doing any of the above he usually can be found docktarting at the Aimurai docks or trying on cool clothes at The Mad Proffesor's Closet.


Yohehe, when he first started playing Puzzle Pirates in August 2006, bounced from crew to crew anywhere from -Epic- to -Frozen- to Aftermarth untill early 2007, when he joined the crew Surfing Dolphins. He worked his way up to Fleet Officer under the fine command of the captain Zumos and first mate Antigono. Antigono left the crew to make his own crew Eternal Fire where he soon became Senior Officer. Earendill, former Senior Officer of Eternal Fire decided to make his own crew, The Force Unleashed, where Yohehe was senior officer for a while. When loveninjas, former SO in The Force Unleashed, left to make her own crew, Frolicking Chinchillas, Yohehe left to join that crew. Later on they merged with Teet's crew Definent Existence where most of The Force Unleashed went. Donnarr, Senior officer of Teet's crew, left to make her own crew, Hunters and Collectors, where Yohehe resides to this day.

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