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ATTENTION: This application is a defunct third party tool.
This is a defunct third party tool. This means that it no longer works and/or is broken.
It has been developed independently by a Puzzle Pirate player(s). It is not created, supported, or endorsed by Three Rings or Grey Havens.
Players use third party tools at their own risk. For a full list of third-party tools, see this category list.
For official rules and regulations regarding the use and acceptable functionality of third-party tools, see this page.

YPP Maps was a third-party Google Maps mashup using imagery of islands in the YPP oceans. Like Google Maps, it allowed zooming in and out to view more or less area, and panning to scroll to other areas. At higher level zooms, where islands would be too small to be visible, the view was similar to the chart-like view of Yer known world.

YPP Maps was officially announced on March of 2006. It was updated with new imagery in Nov. 2010.

This application was maintained by Callistan.

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