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Xicat has no portrait
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Xicat was a fleet officer of Eclipsed Moon on the Hunter Ocean. This pirate has been deleted.

He had lost a few friends in the past few months. His first crew was Sparta with Mrsmelly as the head captain. Mrsmelly was probably his best friend in all of Puzzle Pirates. Xicat soon left the crew because his captain had gotten banned because he was hacked. Without the captain in the crew, Xicat wandered out and joined other crews.

He later quit Puzzles Pirates for about a year. When he logged back on he was shocked to see that his original Xicat had been deleted, so he had made another. He caught up with a few friends from older crews, one of whom was Jeanroger.

The New Era

Xicat left his crew to join -War Heroes-. This is where he had met two of his best friends. Diamondrose and Ceary. After a few weeks or days after Ceary became senior officer, she formed her own crew. The crew named, Random Sunshine was formed because Ceary wanted to make a crew based on friendliness, kindness, and randomness. Xicat had become a senior officer in the crew.

He later left Random Sunshine and joined Kudzu of Twisted Vine. Here he had stayed for a while. He had many people there he knew. Many of them had even been his students. After a while he grew bored and decided he wanted to go back to Random Sunshine, but had only stayed there for a few days. He broke the rules and was then expelled from the crew. As the days drew on and on, Xicat got lonely, but one day at the right time, he randomly talked to Ceary who offered him to join her new crew, Eclipsed Moon. He said sure and joined and has stayed ever since.

The Current Era

Xicat was part of Tony's Shadow Fleet and was a fleet officer with only a few friends left. As most had come from crews that he had left and others had quit puzzle pirates. He rejoined with Ceary and is now back with Izzycooll and soon to join Diamondrose who were all the originals who formed Random Sunshine so long ago.


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