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Winter Solstice monument

From YPPedia

The Winter Solstice monument is located east of Winter Retreat.

Full Text

Winter Solstice was governed swiftly and justly by the venerable Pennsuedo under the auspices of the flag Rudder Revolution.

It was home to these allied crews:
13 in Sea Wolves of the flag "Rudder Revolution"

It was home to these independent crews:
73 in Dastardly Deviant Devils of the flag "La Nueva Revolucion"
57 in Spaztic of the flag "Spaz's Army"
28 in Draconi Raiders of the flag "Draconian Navy"
22 in The Lost Vikings of the flag "Dream Reapers"
22 in Jedi Pirates of the flag "Unified Theory"
14 in Cleaving Lunatics of the flag "Sanctus Marandii"
13 in Cut of the flag "Dream Reapers"
11 in Cozzin Chaos of the flag "Chaos"
11 in Gods Of The Seas of the flag "Theah's Chosen"
11 in Penguins of Penzance of the flag "Independent"
10 in The Iron Vultures
10 in The Lazy Bastards
10 in Expatriated Zulus of the flag "Expatriated Zulus"
10 in Pirates of the Caribbean
9 in La Sagrada Familia of the flag "Surf Nixons"
9 in Drudge Pillagers of the flag "Felorin's Federation"
8 in The Order of the Sword
7 in Groove Armada of the flag "Purple Monkey Dishwasher"
7 in Water Dragons
6 in Vengeance Unlimited of the flag "Serenity"
6 in The Fnords of the flag "Dream Reapers"
5 in The Plunder Bus of the flag "The White Tree"
5 in The Maelstrom
5 in Malignant Marauders of the flag "Black Dominion"
5 in NorCal Ninjas of the flag "Sneath Enterprises"
4 in Card Sharks
4 in Space Invaders of the flag "Olympians"
4 in The Jolly Bodgers of the flag "Old Pals From the Briney"
4 in FN PIRATES of the flag "The Night After"
4 in Poe Pirates
4 in Black Pearl of the flag "La Nueva Revolucion"
4 in The Puppy Kickers of the flag "The Infidels"
3 in Mauve Hand of the flag "Purple Alliance"
3 in Pirates Embrace of the flag "Spaz's Army"

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