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White Sharks

From YPPedia

White Sharks at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Polodude
Senior Officer(s) Ploushke
Organization Polo and Ploushke are the crew leaders
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Pirates of the Blue
Founded 13 September, 2007
Last updated on 2 March, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-White Sharks.jpg

White Sharks is a crew that sails the Meridian Ocean. White Sharks flies the flag Pirates of the Blue.


Public Statement

Welcome to "White Sharks", we like our vessels white and booty full of poe.

Extended Public Statement

This crew will be managed by Polodude and Ploushke. Feel free to join but please respect the following rules:

  1. Always treat your fellow mates with respect and respect decision taken by the higher ranked.
  2. Always use PTB (Permission To Board) on all sloop and cutter. An officer might be sailing solo, memorising routes or for any other personal reason. So ask "ptb <vessel name>" on crew chat and wait (!) until you get an answer before boarding. Not respecting this might result in being planked from the ship and getting a bad name.
  3. Never leave a ship in battle or leave a ship crewless on sea. Doing this might get you demoted.
  4. No lazing on a ship, ask the OIC what station you can take.
  5. Always read the officer log before taking out a ship. Make sure the owner is ok with it. We also have assigned a sloop (fair trout) for crew use. If you want to sail this sloop read the officer log at the helm first.

Feel free to contribute to the crew by dropping a donation in the hold.

Homebase: Kirin

Promotion Rules

  • Cabin person: As soon as you join.
  • Pirate: At the end of the pilly you will get the promotion. When reaching this rank you might consider buying a pirate badge.
  • Officer: Being promoted to officer is a privilege not a right.
  1. Promotion by performance: You must have 3 broads and 1 solid in piracy skills and have respected or higher in 3 of them. Also narrow on navigation and battle navigation
  2. Promotion by deed: When you have the deed to a ship and 2 respected or higher in piracy skills. Also narrow on navigation and battle navigation.
  • Fleet officer: You have to own a ship and proven your value for the crew during a long period. Doing so winning the trust of the senior officers (crew leaders). You have to know the game well and willing to help out others.
  • Senior officer: Polo and Ploush are the crew leaders and will only assign this rank when they feel it's needed. There are no real requirements for the rank, it's only giving by discretion of Polo and Ploush.
  • Captain: Not a chance


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