When the Stars Align

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When the Stars Align at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Monarch Foreverrae of Violet Vigilantes
Member crew(s) Violet Vigilantes, Dark Intentions, Rootbeer Flotillas, The New Romantics, Orbital Bliss, That Ship Cray, Booching Around, In your tooth, Emerald Beasties, Emerald's Reapers, The Zodiac Knight, Sea Chickens, Whovians, Overjobbers, Lethal Dosage, DreadHawke, Nautilus , Insomne
Island controlled

Ventress Island

Founded 10 February, 2013
Allies My John Thomas, Taste Our Broadside
Last updated on 5 August, 20013
Favicon.png Flag Info

When the Stars Align is a flag on the Emerald Ocean.

Public statement

When the stars align...the unfathomable becomes reality.

Extended public statement

See Foreverrae or any royal for information.