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Wertop is a pirate on the Sage Ocean. He currently is a senior officer of the crew Shooting Stars of Sage and prince of the flag Fearless Privateers.


Wertop started playing Puzzle Pirates on March 10, 2008. On March 12, he went on a war brig pillage with Greatboss (who at that time was still a member of SSoS) and was so excited to actually see a big crew, that he joined Shooting Stars of Sage immediately. He has been with the stars ever since that day. Soon after achieving the rank of officer, he became addicted to crew chat, battle navigation, guns, and planking crew mates. By the time he was ranked fleet officer, he knew he could never leave his crew. He became a senior officer in the early days of September 2008, and became a titled member of his beloved flag soon after. Since then he has been promoted to prince in Fearless Privateers. While he never used the gunning exploit, Wertop was still able to place high in several gunning competitions, including two second place finishes in colored familiar competitions. On December 26, 2009, soon after the gun exploit was fixed, he won his first familiar, a peach monkey.

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