We RAWR Pirates

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We RAWR Pirates at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Furny
Senior Officer(s) Chickinbunni, Flashmatt, Grumpyone, Nightman, Sonick, Zafo, Zafy
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Honor Above All
Founded 6 June, 2006
Last updated on 27 July, 2013
Favicon.png Crew Info

We RAWR Pirates is a crew on Emerald Ocean. It was originally founded on the Sage Ocean and currently flies the flag Honor Above All. The current captain is Furny.


We RAWR Pirates (also known as RAWR or WRP) was founded by Coldstonery. She handed down the captaincy to Bootiesman in November of 2006. In April of 2007, Bootiesman resigned from his post and Noobhunter stepped up as the new captain. After a brief stint as captain, the post was given to Allday. In November of 2007, Allday gave up his captaincy to the Wairi who then passed it on to Jackngibbs who then passed it onto Grumpyone.

We RAWR Pirates began as a part of the flag Tequila and Salt. It formed it's own flag which soon disbanded. Soon after, it joined Verus Fidelitas. Due to differences in where the flag was headed, the crew joined Notorious in January of 2007. It then joined its current flag Honor Above All in July of 2007.

Public Statement

We RAWR Pirates. We like to have fun, drink rum, and have good times and laughs. if you want to join an easy up and coming crew, hop on board.

We welcome anybody and everybody to join from the noobest of greenies to the most experienced of pirates. We hope to make your experience in this game more enjoyable one. If you need help, we are willing to guide and teach you to become the elite pirate you were born to be.

The original crew was founded by Coldstonery on the 6th of June in 2006. We will once again rise to the top of the standings and strike fear upon Sage.

Promotion Requirements:

Cabin Person - Ask any of the officers

Pirate - To be a We RAWR Pirate pirate, you must be ACTIVE and someone will promote you automatically when you get 3 Broads.

Officer - To be a We RAWR Pirate officer, you must have distinguished in Bnav, and have a ship. Officers, please read ship bulletins before taking it out as you now have new responsibilities.

**Regarding the above ranks, exceptions will be made for those with renowned+ standings**

FO/SO - Shows dedication to the crew and have our trust. You will need to be an officer before you can be a FO/SO. Nobody will join the crew and immediately become FO/SO so don't bother asking. In order for a FO or a SO, you must have at least have 4 pillages with a FO or a SO.

If you take someone's ship out, please read the officer bulletin aboard the ship, and restock it the way you got it when you're done. Failure to do so may result in demotion.