We're big in Japan

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We're big in Japan at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Monarch Evilmina (Left Flag) of Sound and Fury (Disbanded?)
Member crew(s) No Morals
Founded 28 May, 2007
Dormant as of 25 October, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info
Flags-We're big in Japan.jpg

We're big in Japan is a dormant flag on the Emerald Ocean. It was created by Mistykat on May 28th, 2007. This flag was formerly named Toil and Trouble .


# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 19 August 2007 Blackthorpe XIII Attacking No Honor Above All vs. Toil and Trouble 3:0 Didn't win island
2 2 December 2007 Blackthorpe XV Attacking Yes Chthonic Horde vs. Toil and Trouble 3:2 Didn't win island
3 15 December 2007 Basset XIII Attacking Yes Eternal Glory vs. Black Flag, Toil and Trouble 0:3:0 Didn't win island

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