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(I ja pricam hrvatski.)


  • Sometimes doing something on the YPPedia
  • More likely online in-game as Sizilia
  • Trying to dig out some (easy) work I can do

To Do

  • Edit pages
    • My user page
    • My pirate page
  • Upload images
    • Looking for the female High Enlightened Mask portrait image
    • Looking for the female High Enlightened Mask inventory image

Puzzle Pirate Code

A*, L-, Sk+, Sm+, Ult, D-, DT+, C+, P, Cp, BI+, Sa--, Gu++, N+++, TH:@, Sw++, R++, Al++, BS+, TP+++, SF, Rm++, !Dr, !TD, SP--, Ht+, Bn, X::, B, FI, BK, Atl++, Def+:+, Cit*, AtlB+, Sh0_-=====, Pt, $+, CI+, F+, GD, FA++ (only in real life. D:), Wki++, Scr+, !Bx,