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Sweetsnow's Origin

The pirate Sweet Snow was recovered from a strange island, indeed. Despite being in warm tropics, even in July, when she was recovered, the ice was thin on the water, and snow covered the trees and the beach.

When she was recovered, she was frozen and unconscious. Her skin had gone blue with cold, and her hair frozen, white like the frost that covered everything. The ship soon retreated from the unnatural isle, covering her with thick blankets to warm her.

When the cook came to give her broth to warm her, he was surprised to find that the colour had returned to her skin, though her hair remained a stark white. What's more she had kicked all the heavy blankets to the floor, remaining only under the thinnest of sheets. Suspecting a fever, the cook put his hand to her forehead, to find it ice cold, yet she opened her eyes at the touch and spoke.

She had no memory of who she had been, or of the island she was found on. She also seemed to have an intolerance of heat, soon taking up a white hat to shield her from the sun, though wearing short sleeves. Still, she found the sea breeze refreshing, and recovered quickly, soon making use of herself bilging below, her skill aided, whispered the crew behind her back, by moving her hand over the wood and icing up the water as it tried to seep through.

Still, she was a charming, sweet beauty, and the name of Sweet Snow was soon hung on her, and it fit well enough. Once she made it to dry land, she soon joined a crew and became an able pirate. However, she felt stymied here, unable to advance to officer, and soon jumped ship to land with Death Sentence, where she rose to the rank of Fleet Officer in short order. When Misarris led a group away, she followed the new Captain, becoming a Senior Officer in the Seekers of Joy. During the time of her rapid rise, she found she had talent as a ship builder, her skill at hammering renowned throughout the ocean.

Now she sails the seas on the sloop the Northern Winde, wearing the thinnest of white and blue cloth in the coldest of weather, and can often be seen sucking on a popsicle as she gives the order to sail...north.

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