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09:57 UTC, 7 June 2023
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  • Become more active in the YPPedia.
  • Take over the world.
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I release all of my contributions to YPPedia, including everything on this user page and all of its subpages, into the public domain.

About Me

Ahoy! You can find me as Valien on the Sage, and Viridian oceans. I also have an account on Hunter, Midnight, Cobalt and Ice but since I don't subscribe I rarely use those accounts. I do have some alts but they're all top secret.

About 99.5% of my time is on Viridian where I like to cause carnage and mayhem in my manor.

I started playing the game in July 2005. Few months later I formed the crew Roberts's Revenge and merged it into DREAM CATCHERS in January 2006 due to being really busy with work, life, etc. Currently I'm a Senior Officer with Knightstalkers and quite happy at the moment.

I have a renamed sloop too - the Neon Tetra - in honor of our fish that died last year during an ice storm. :( Also have another sloop called Bloodfin Tetra. As far as I know they are the only Tetra's on Viridian. Cool eh?

Here's what I've memmed so far -

  • Jade: Completed in 2006!
  • Onyx: A few routes down there. I haven't been down there much so I'm not sure what's been memmed.
  • Garnet: Cochineal-Napi Peak, Cochineal-Diastrophe (12)
  • Interarchs: Dragon's Nest-Tigerleaf Mountain, Harmattan-Cochineal (24)

I struck Gold ore while foraging on Swampfen Island (Viridian) on April 26, 2006. First Gold Ore forage and on my 2nd forage attempt.

September 1, 2006 - Left Amayeli Tsagi (blockading crew of Dreaded Dream Makers). Also had a 2nd sloop renamed to Bloodfin Tetra. Currently a Senior Officer with Knightstalkers

Wiki Contributions

  • I've done some wiki work here and there so I'll have to list them when I get a chance.

Current projects

  • Learning more about the wiki and becoming more involved as I get time.

Useless Info

Both the page framework and layout courtesy of Featherfin.