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Pirates Teklanika [1]
Real Name Rose
Age 27
Favourite Puzzle Bilging

Ahoy! My main character is Teklanika on Midnight, and I am a Senior Officer of the crew Muerte Mortal and a Lady in the flag Blighted. Previous incarnations include: Senior Officer of Crafty Coves, Queen of Nomads, Senior Officer of the now-gone Mythical Fortune, of the flag New Providence, and Captain of the now-gone crew Stealth Ninja Pirates. I took an eight month game vacation from Summer 2005 to Spring 2006, and I'm really not sure how I survived that time...

Current puzzle likes: Bilging, Sailing, Duty Navigation, Shipwrighting, and Distilling

Current puzzle hatreds: Carpentry, Poker

Currently frustrated by loss of skill due to game vacation in: Battle Navigation

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