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This is my sandbox version of the Trophy page. Feel Free to correct typos or formating errors. For sugjestions, please post in the apropriate area

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Seals o' Piracy

Main article: Official:Seals

The Seals o' Piracy were a new trophy series introduced in August 2009. Each trophy had a specific task needed to win the trophy, which was announced by the Ocean Masters at (or close to) the start of the month. Full details on the trophy triggers may be seen on the official seals article above. All seal triggers are counted from the first day of the month in which it is awarded.

Monthly Seasonal Annual
No trophies Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- August 2009.png
Seal o' Piracy- August 2009
No trophy Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- 2009.png
Seal o' Piracy- 2009
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- September 2009.png
Seal o' Piracy- September 2009
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- October 2009.png
Seal o' Piracy- October 2009
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- November 2009.png
Seal o' Piracy- November 2009
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- Autumn 2009.png
Seal o' Piracy- Autumn 2009
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- December 2009.png
Seal o' Piracy- December 2009
Trophy-Seal o' Piracy- January 2010.png
Seal o' Piracy- January 2010


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