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User:Peterljr888/featured article contest/Treasure Haul

From YPPedia

Featured article: Treasure Haul

Treasure Haul is one of the newest puzzles added to Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates. It is found during sinking blockades, flotillas, and on explorations of Atlantis. It becomes available when a vessel is adjacent or on top of sunken treasure for all four moves of a turn. It has been compared to the duty puzzle bilging, but the difference is that in Treasure Haul you switch pieces along the axis of which they fall.

The puzzle is generally started when a notice in the 'Ahoy Panel' tells you that there is treasure to be hauled, but it can also be achieved if a pirate dismisses from their current duty, clicking on a duty station or the holds of a ship, and selecting the 'Treasure haul' option from the radial menu.

During play, pieces of eight are moved up and down until they form combos of 3's, 4's, and 5's. Occasionally gems will appear, these gems are used to clear pieces. Rubies clear all pieces horizontally and vertically (left, right, up, down), while emeralds clear all pieces diagonally like an X.

Treasure hauled from sunken treasure are added to the ship's booty chest for division upon arrival at port. Also the sunken vessel will fade as treasure is being hauled from it, and disappear completely once all the treasure is hauled. It is also noted that if you sink before reaching port or that you abandon ship so that the vessel will reset itself back to port, all booty (if any) will be dumped.

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