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The following trinket images are currently needed by the wiki to fill in the gaps of our My trinkets template. If you or someone you know has one of the missing images, please screenshot it in your inventory, save it as a .png file, and email it to Muffynz at or upload it to the wiki and leave a message for one of the admins stating that you did so. Thanks!

Brigand King Trinkets

Azarbad the Great

Exotic confection
Colors-trinket-Exotic confection.png
Need: Red, Orange, Aqua, Blue, Violet, Yellow.

Brynhild Skullsplitter

Engraved wristband
Colors-trinket-Engraved wristband.png
Need: Red, Orange, Green, Aqua, Blue, Yellow.
Need: Orange, Blue, Yellow.
Solar compass
Colors-trinket-Solar compass.png
Need: Orange.

Vargas the Mad

Siren's comb
Colors-trinket-Siren's comb.png
Need: Orange.

Palace Shoppe Trinkets