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{{Infobox crew| |crewname=Millenium |captain= Higure |seniorofficers= Cenoura, Faisca, Xena |fleetofficers= Bobmarley, Moranguita, Wilinao |officers= [[Felizardo]], Geadora, Pedrocas |pirates= Bacjusz, Carito, Cindyseas, Galactitrex, Lebron, Lightcrystal, Lillover, Lolas, Moley, Moonbeamz, Pulguita, Seroth, Shipscapten, Sobrasileiro, |organized= No |organization= |oceanname= Viridian |politics= Oligarchic |shares= Even |updateday=6 |updatemonth=6 |updateyear= 2007 }}

Millenium is a crew on the Viridian Ocean. It was founded on July 13, 2005.

Sailors of Established fame

Public Statement Be a Legend here...

 Politics: Oligarchic

Booty shares: Even Jobbing Pirate: one share Cabin Person: one share Pirate: one share Officer: one share Fleet Officer: one share Senior Officer: one share Captain: one share Ship restocking: 30 % Active mates: Pirate: 14 Officer: 3 Fleet Officer: 3 Senior Officer: 3 Captain: 1 Total: 24

  Extended Public Statement

Welcome in "Millenium" crew. This crew are dedicated to puzzling, trade and war. "Millenium" is a legend about a group of Millenaries that rules all Europe for more than one thousand years.

As soon as you join this crew you become a Millenary.

Crew colors are: Maroon/White (If you use this colors, optional, you will have more respect from your crew and Captain).


You have to prove your worth before moving up:

/// Jobbing Pirate to Cabin Person \\\

- Ask an Officer aboard to make you Full Member. /// Cabin Person to Pirate \\\

- Your stats should be: 2 narrow and 2 neophyte.

- You don`t need a Pirate Badge.

/// Pirate to Fleet Officer \\\

- Be thrusted by the crew.

- Pass the Officer Test*

  • Officer Test: Pillage with a Sloop with 2 pirates abord without lose more than a sea battle (Need to do 3 sea battles). Ask the Captain when you can do the test.

- Stats should be: Solid across the board and Master (or more) on Bnav.

- You need a Officer Badge too.

/// Fleet Officer to Senior Officer \\\

- Senior officers positions are reserved for the best Officers available.

- Your stats should be: Weighty across the board and 4 (or more) Masters on Piracy.

- You should have a ship or stall.

- You need a Senior Officer Badge too.

===================== The Pirates Code =======================

1) RESPECT: Be nice to all crew members. Officers earned their position, pay them proper respect.

2) WORK: If you don' t work while in Sea you will be forced to walk the plank and you won`t recive any booty.

3) SEA BATTLE: During sea battle never leave the ship and always Team*

  • How to Team: You are attacking the pirate with a white border. Each dot on an enemy pirate represents one attacker. Make sure each enemy has 2-3 dots; no singles or fours. Click on a pirate to change targets.


1) VESSELS: Don´t leave vessels in unhabited islands or abandonned at sea and never sail undermanned ships.

2) PILLAGE: Just give orders to the crew at vessel if you are the Officer in charge. Only pillage if you have plenty of time.

3) RESTOCK: Always restock when we port. The Officer in charge is the responsable for the restock. After restock, if there is money in Ship`s Hold, you can take it.




Merchant Brig-65------------X-----------85-----------X

War Brig--------75------------X---------130-----------X

Merch. Gall.----110-----------X-----------X-----------160

War Frigate----150-----------X-----------X-----------240

Grand Frigate-200-----------X-----------X-----------300

4) CHARTS AND MONEY: Never take charts and money from a vessel without the Captain or the Vessel Holder permission.

= Failure to do so can cost you a DERANK and a FAILURE FEE (1.000 - 10.000).


Want to join this crew? Contact a Fleet Officer, Senior Officer or the Captain of crew.

Come make a Legend with us!