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Pirate Drexx
Ocean Malachite
I'm Excellent At Carpentry, Swordfighting, Rumble, Gunning
I'm Good At Sailing, Poker, Navigating, Alchemistry, Drinking, Shipwrightery, Sea Battle
I'm Poor At Bilging, Treasure Drop, Hearts, Spades, Distilling
Owner Caustic Gar (Longship)

My Puzzle Pirates Code

A+ L Sk+ Zm+ Ult !D DT- C+ P Cp Bl Sa-- Gu++ N TH+ Sw++ R Al BS TP+ SF+++ Rm+ Dr+ TD Sp--- SpN-- Ht? Bn+ X+:+:+ B Atl++ Def++:++ Sh Pt- $+ Cl-- F GD FA! Wki++ !Scr !Bx Ice--

Historical Notes

  • Eduardex account was created on 2005.
  • Heartbreakid character was created on January 2006.
  • Heartbreakid bought it first ship(Sloop) on 1 June 2006.
  • Heartbreakid joins Knights of Doom on 14 July 2006.
  • 2 days after joining Knights of Doom he's ranked Senior Officer.
  • Darkness Revenge is created on 25 July 2006 and he's made Prince.
  • Heartbreakid bought a Row House on Fintan Island.
  • Sold everything he had in Heartbreakid's account.
  • 30/6/09 - Created a new pirate on malachite ocean with the name of Drexx
  • 1/7/09 - Bought a longship with the help of afca
  • 1/7/09 - Promoted to Officer
  • 2/7/09 - Received the longship and in the same day pays his debt to afca through pillaging.
  • 17/7/09 - Joined the crew COMOROS and was made Officer.
  • 20/7/09 - Promoted to Fleet Officer.