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Featured article: Configure voyage

The configure voyage button can be found after clicking the helm.

The Configure Voyage Panel is a feature available to an officer or higher ranked member of a crew on an unlocked ship or locked ship if the owner has earned the rank of officer. From here the player can change what they would like to do on their ship, and the navigation puzzle affects all of these, whether it increase or decrease chances of a spawn. When set to pillage, the ship will spawn brigands or barbarians (depending on the choice) with a higher duty navigation score and the might ring will change depending on what color the ship has it set to. A trade voyage will pay working members X number of PoE per league, as long as there is enough PoE in the coffers. The blockade set will pay jobbing pirates the said amount on the blockade tab on the notice board while in a blockade, whether it is an event or a real one. The next button, greeter pillages, are usually run by greeters and teach greenies what to do on a pillage. One of the newest features on the Configure Voyage is the Swabbie Ship Transport which will have swabbies move a ship from the island it is ported at to another island of choice ranging from 40-360 PoE per league point, depending on the ship. Lastly, the Floatilla Attack is a set which will allow the ship to enter a Floatilla.