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My main pirate is Akerasi everywhere, and Seido is my publicly-acknowleged alt on Sage. I rarely ocean hop, but I do it as Akerasi when I do.

Current affiliations:

Sage: Fleet Officer and former Captain of PFRC, Member of T-N-T

Puzzle Pirate Code:


Meaningless accomplishments:

Sunk two Go With The Flow War Frigates, one at Spaniel II, one at Admiral I. I was at one point the only one who could claim that ;).

To Do:

Get an Ultimate in every duty puzzle. Gunning Bilge and Sails are done so far ;).

Govern Arakoua Island. I don't have a custom-named sloop with the name Arakoua's Destiny for nothing ;)

Help T-N-T build and maintain a proper blockade fleet. Mostly this is a means to the second task, but is also good in its own right. It's actually mostly done now, as shown by our control of Ashkelon.

Collect every Brigand King Trinket. So far I have an Ivory Toothpick on Sage and a Wooden Amulet on Hunter.