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Ursablack was a senior officer and first mate of the crew Indestructible and a royal of the flag Been There - Done That. This pirate has been deleted.


Ursablack was born upon the shores of Quetzal Island with a dream and some ambition in the winter of 2010. Jobbing brought him no joy and he quickly found himself bored with the game, especially being that his best puzzle, Gunnery was never offered to him. Finally he stumbled upon the boat of an officer named Tremblez the man who would become his closest friend and captain. They had a magnetism together and they both had the same desire to succeed and become powerful pirates. Eventually he became close friends with Trilian, the girl who would steal his heart. With their ambition, Tremblez and Ursablack formed the crew Unwavering Ambition. The crew sped off, with a cast of great senior officers and old friends of Tremblez they quickly reached acclaimed fame. Shortly after they joined the flag No Quarter Given, Ursablack gained his political savvy and the joy of being political. Unfortunately due to the queen of NQG, Wenchwendy's massive paranoia and idiocy he quickly realized the flag was doomed under her leadership as his complaints and suggestions fell upon deaf ears.

Ultimately frustrated, Ursablack decided to take a vacation, one that would last several months. Eventually he returned to see the crew in disrepair and flag-less. Grabbing Tremblez back they decided to merge into Tremblez's old crew, one he owned under the name Dezman and thus his crew merged into Indestructible where he now resides as first mate and captain of Political Policies for the crew under the flag. His main objective is always the same: blockades and power. Joining Trilian's flag, he became a quick member of Been There - Done That. History is still being made...


Ursablack was an avid gunner and finally reached grand-master Gunnery along with renowned Rigging on March 3, 2012.