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United Bandits

From YPPedia

United Bandits at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Captain Urmanny
Senior Officer(s) Guerillah, Downers, Staciee, Myrddhn, Sparrowjak, Fakes, Friar, Terasa, Salmi, Hawkie, Elicas,
Organization Crew Colors are Purple and White
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation United Nations
Founded 8 February, 2011
Dormant or disbanded as of 9 February, 2011
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-United Bandits.jpg

United Bandits was a crew on the Viridian Ocean which belonged to the flag of United Nations. This crew has been disbanded.

Public Statement

Crew Colors: Purple and White- There's Heroes and There's Legends. Heroes get remembered but Legends Never Die,Follow Your Heart and You Will Never Go Wrong. ~B.R.~

Extended Public Statement


Jobbers Rules and Restrictions

  1. Lazing will get you planked if you ignore the order to station.
  2. No shouting in Crew Chat doing so will get you dismissed.


United Pirates was started a long time ago around April 6, 2007 by Urmanny (at that time Urman) and his first mate back then Nathanshawn. A few days later the United Pirates had reached established fame and Urman wanted to make his own flag. Nathanshawn donated some doubloons to help Urman start the flag United Nations. Nathanshawn found himself as a prince in that new flag and also a senior officer in Urman's crew. After a while Urman quit playing Puzzle Pirates for a time so Nathanshawn joined another crew in Urman's flag.

Upon Urman's return, Urman joined the crew Black as Knights, captained by Stovaotri. Nathanshawn followed him and became a senior officer in Stovaotri's crew. During that time Urman experienced his first war, one with the The Black Hole. United Nations were successful in sinking enough ships and Urman had a one-on-one battle with Black Hole's king, with Urman on a sloop and their king on a cutter. The fight was really close, but Urman was victorious and persuaded Black Hole to agree to a truce. After a while, Urman got tired of Black as Knights and rejoined the little that was left of United Pirates. After this both United Pirates and United Nations grew and flourished.

After the blockade United Nations declared on Dragon Lords in attempt to take Viridis Island which didn't go well and was a tragic loss to United Nations. Urman left the flag due to depression and moved his crew United Pirates to the flag United We Stand.

After this time there is little information as to what happened to Urman until his return in February 2010. He returned in order to accomplish and complete his goals, those he was unsuccessful with in the past.

During Summer 2010 Urmanny was deleted and when he figured out he was he said good bye to his old crew. He decided to come back around January 20th, 2011. To get back his crew after it was mostly crumbled. Now he decided to make a new crew United Bandits and merge United Pirates into United Bandits.

Through a sort of a argument, a few officers left the crew and the remaining crew has moved on to the new crew Veterans

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