Union Latina

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Union Latina at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Captain Juhi
Senior Officer(s) None
Politics Democratic
Shares Officer Club

Ship restocking: 0 %

Flag Affiliation None
Dormant as of 18 May, 2009
Favicon.png Crew Info

Union Latina is a crew on the Viridian Ocean. It was founded by Kevjn and his best friend Rodolfoquen, 20 December 2007.

History of Union Latina

Union Latina was founded by two Venezuelan players, Kevjn the Captain and Rodolfoquen the Senior Officer & First Mate. Because of this, most of the players invited to the crew are Latino or at least Hispanic.

We have our own flag called Imperio Latino and the flag's King is Emperador.


  1. Kevjn
  2. Rodolfoquen (present)

Public Statement

Bienvenidos - Welcome


  • Never leave a ship during a battle unless you Senior Officer and even if Kevjn (captain), and / or Rodolfoquen (Senior Officer and First Mate) and Marshany (Senior Officer) deem it can lower ranks.
  • Do not use the / plank unless it is someone who is ordering far is not doing anything or is bothering the officer in charge.
  • Officer, Fleet Officer and Senior Officer are fully within its rights to make their own pillages.
  • The TEAMS make them all on 1 alone, which indicates the Oficcer in charge.
  • Do not attack the opponent who has hat or something else that the other players do not have.
  • Senior Officer Ranges are only determined by Kevjn (Captain) and Rodolfoquen (Senior Officer and First Mate), so not propose that because we will watch.
  • Decisions made by Kevjn (Captain) and Rodolfoquen (Senior Officer and First Mate) are final.


  1. Cabin Person: cargo de castigo
  2. Pirate: quien entre
  3. Officer: 3 broads o 1 solid
  4. Fleet Officer: 6 broads o 3 solids o 1 weighty (Ademas de hablar Español, y la posesion de un barco)
  5. Senior Officer: 9 Broads o 5 Solids o 3 Weighty o 1 Expert

Hablar con algun algún Senior Officer si teneís alguna duda o queja.


  1. Cabin Person: rank penalty
  2. Pirate: everybody
  3. Officer: 3 broads or 1 solid
  4. Fleet Officer: 6 broads or 3 solids or 1 weighty (Speak Spanish, and have a ship)
  5. Senior Officer: 9 Broads or 5 Solids or 3 Weighty or 1 Expert

So talk to any of the Senior Officers if you have any questions/concerns.