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Trinity at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Monarch Veloce of Infinite Depths
Member crew(s) Infinite Depths
Dormant or disbanded as of 3 June, 2007
Favicon.png Flag Info

Trinity was a flag on the Viridian Ocean that was founded on October 26, 2006.

Public Statement

Why are we called Trinity? I don't know anymore..

Extended Public Statement

If you are interested in joining this peaceful and fun-loving flag, don't be shy! Contact one of our royals and we'll take your crew into consideration. ^^ (Note: Not all crews asking to join may end up in Trinity) We're always open to having more crews joining, but if at any time a crew becomes dysfunctional, we will not hesitate in expelling them. If any member of your crew would like a titled position, take it up with a royal and we'll see if the position is appropriate. There will be no changes in the Monarch of this flag and only trusted individuals will be considered for Royalty.



  • Veloce of Infinite Depths


  • Defleur of Infinite Depths

Titled Members

  • Armir of Infinite Depths
  • Joakal of Infinite Depths
  • Lolz of Infinite Depths