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Event-thg-emblem.jpg Welcome, Hunters!

Avast! Ye seekers of buried wonders and fame abroad, this here be the Treasure Hunters Guild (THG). We at the THG believe that a pirate's life just ain't a pirate's life without a nip to sate the desire to grab some clues from the local salts and go unearth some poor lubber's hidden loot. This be the sacred creed of any who join the ranks of the THG. Well, perhaps not a creed...but most of us feel pretty strongly 'bout it.

What is the THG?

The Treasure Hunters Guild is a splinter cell of Y!PP (which ye all likely know). It is not merely an event, it be a sub-game within the world that most of ye currently sail and pillage upon. The purpose of the THG is to provide pirates the opportunity to not only be diggin' up treasures using logic puzzles, riddles, math, trivia, and pictorial mind games, but also to encourage all ye pirates to traverse the Wiki more often as well venture into the overgrown wilderness of the Game Gardens...basically, these treasures should get you savvy with virtually every nook and cranny Y!PP has to offer.

So come one and come all, ye treasure thirsty seadogs and grab a shovel, grab your brain, and grab your rum. There's treasure for the takin', plenty to go around, and every other pirate in the world to compete with.

History of the THG

The guild wasn't always a guild. In fact, the guild was more of a single-ocean scavenger hunt for a handful of pirates that enjoyed the occasional brain teaser. The prizes were fairly desirable, but the lifespan of such an event was limited to the resources of the pirate heading the hunt, Kingpriam. As time began to take its toll on a land-shackled artists hold, it was evident that in order for the event to continue, it would require the aid of the Gods.

Know this, the Gods will not favor one ocean alone, so in order to draw support from on-high it was necessary for the Midnight Treasure Hunt to mature into something much bigger: something worthy of the attention of the OceanMasters. Thus, the Treasure Hunters Guild was devised, in an effort to rally the pirates of the ocean together to hunt for prizes graciously doled out from Olympus and the mortal oceans alike.

Future of the THG

While the guild hopes for a long and exciting span within the Y!PP timeline, no promises can be made. The responsability really depends on the demand. If hunter turnout grows to a respectable number and can gain the trust of the powers that be, then the event will not only continue, but could likely grow in material stature (allowing for bigger and better prizes). That, of course, is the ultimate metamorphosis of the guild.

So, in short, if you like the event...keep it comin' and bring yer crew.

Event-thg-emblem.jpg Join the Hunt

Getting started is as easy as clicking the Mission Board. Getting savvy, well...that may take a little reading and experience. Either way, the guild promises all of its members (and pending participants) a fun, fruitful, and sometimes frustrating time...but the good kind of frustration, the kind puzzle-junkies ache for, yar!

How to Play

1. Saunter over to the Mission Board and get savvy on all the latest hunting action. The Mission Board will provide ye with all the links and info ye need to start winning loot. Special announcements, hints, progress, and all other necessary hunting information will be posted up on the board, so be sure to check it regularly.

2. After solving the puzzle, submit your answer to the appropriate Treasure Station (THG_Green or THG_Red). Take your time and be sure you're rock solid on your answer, because you only get one chance to submit (until informed otherwise). But don't take too much time, because whoever gets the correct answer first...wins it all.

More than Hunting

The guild supports non-hunting activities as well. In the case a puzzle is not solved in an acceptable amount of time, the guild will issue a chance to receive a Scroll of Secrets. The SOS is a pivotal clue that will likely give the receiver a great advantage...but only for a short time. After the SOS is sent off, the guild will release its contents to the world within 24-48 hours. These hints will be found on the mission board.

What kind of "chance" does the guild offer to earn such a clue? Who knows. It could likely be a mystery tournament, or perhaps the winner of a games garden competition. There is no steadfast rule as to the method by which the SOS will be released onto the oceans.

Winners of such mini-events will receive additional Guild Points.

Remember that if an SOS is about to be released you do not want to miss out on a chance to submit an entry, as there are no "roll-over" entries...meaning: If you do not guess before the first SOS is released, you do not now have 2 chances to guess, you still only have one (having lost your first opportunity when the scroll was put out).

Event-thg-emblem.jpg The Mission Board

A hunters best-friend. It's yer newspaper, yer muse, yer fire under the arse, yer next win, yer hairpin defeat. The notice board is where all the action is. You'll find yer treasure notices, secret clues, and other announcements that pertain to yer current hunting trials. Ye may just wanna make it a "favorite" page, if ye know what I mean.

Treasure Notices

Basically, it's the puzzle. In our fun little world of treasure hunting, it's where a patron either seeks help to solve a mystery or just straight up gives you the clues that will lead to some glorious treasure.

Notices include the name of the Hunt, a puzzle to solve, its difficulty rating based on a 1Thg-1-star.jpg to 6 Thg-6-star.jpg star system, and sometimes an actual pronouncement of what the treasure at the end of the rainbow will be.

Each Mission Board begins with 5 treasure postings. It's not until all 5 treasures have been found, that the sixth treasure lead is revealed. This sixth treasure is always the most difficult and yeilds the greatest reward.

But the guild doesn't just stop at posting up leads to great (and sometimes not so) great prizes, they also award Guild Points (GP) for each treasure you find. To find out more about Guild Points, read on...

Guild Points

The guild awards pirates for diligent hunting. Not only does each treasure you win remain yours, but members of the guild will also receive Guild Points (GP). Each puzzle a hunter solves will earn them anywhere between 1 and 6 GP. Remember, members only receive points upon claiming their prizes.

Echo Points are awarded to members who successfully answer the puzzle before the submission box is closed. Technically, submissions are closed once the correct solution has been found, however often times several pirates will complete the puzzle near the same time. These additional consolation points are awarded like this:

  • Solutions sent to THG_Green (difficulties 1-3) will recieve 1 GP.
  • Solutions sent to THG_Red (difficulties 4-6) will recieve 2 GP.

There will only be 1 echo point awarded per ocean be puzzle.
Ocean Privilege is an honor bestowed upon the ocean with most dominant GP count. OP is not based on a total accummulative ocean GP score, but instead is based on the highest number of GP gained on the last board. Echo points will not be honored in the awarding process.

What does ocean privilege mean? Simple. The ocean who gains the advantage of OP will play host as the battleground to win any SOS that the guild releases for the current board. So win some points for your ocean, and you'll have yerself home ocean advantage when (or if) an SOS tournament or event takes place.

Oceans recieving OP will be denoted in the Ocean Rankings with a star beside the ocean name Thg-1-star.jpg.

Event-thg-emblem.jpg The Guild Roster

Guilds are competitive, just like the pirates that join them, just like the oceans that battle side-by-side, just like the many hunters all racing to the same end. The roster is where folks can check out who's involved and ruling the ranks of the guild. The Guild Roster reports not only the hunters of every ocean, but also the top treasure hunters of all time (at the time). Tracing a great hunter's progress is easy...catching up to them is the hard part.

Guild Ranks

The guild is all about showcasing its fiercest and finest hunters. And while having your name on a guild plaque is respectable enough, the THG has found it necessary to adorn its members with humble but heart-felt tokens of mettle. The following is the list of Medals of Mettle and their requirements.

Medal of Initiation Medal of Determination Medal of Resolve
Event-thg-medal-green.jpg Event-thg-medal-yellow.jpg Event-thg-medal-red.jpg
Awarded for acquiring at least 5 Guild Points. Awarded for acquiring at least 10 Guild Points. Awarded for acquiring at least 25 Guild Points.
The Hunters Honor Pride of the Guild The Guild Crest
Event-thg-medal-blue.jpg Event-thg-medal-gold.jpg Event-thg-medal-black.jpg
Awarded for acquiring at least 50 Guild Points. Awarded for acquiring at least 100 Guild Points. Awarded for acquiring at least 500 Guild Points.

Event-thg-emblem.jpg The Treasury

The Treasury Log is basically the archives and chronicles of the guild. Here you find all the catalogued treasures and who won them. You will also find a history of all the events and announcements that have taken place in the guild.