Thnks fr th Mmrs

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Thnks fr th Mmrs at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Captain Cheezits (Dormant)
Senior Officer(s) None
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Happily Ever After
Founded 9 March, 2008
Dormant as of 13 December, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Thnks fr th Mmrs is a crew on the Emerald Ocean, flying the flag of Happily Ever After.

Crew history

This crew was made, on the former Hunter Ocean, after Cheezits decided she wanted to retire from Politics. On March 9th, 2008 she left her flag Access Denied and her crew Subordination, to join a "Fun, Whateva! We do what we want!" crew.

Public statement

It was fun while it lasted.

Extended public statement

No, I don't want to join your flag.

I'm only on to play Spades.

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