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Chief Petty Officer

Thebrad is a pirate on the Sage Ocean. He is captain of the crew Mighty Fleet.



Thebrad on other oceans

Thebrad plays mostly on the Sage Ocean, but it is also possible to find him playing on the Malachite Ocean as Thebrad and on the Hunter Ocean as Kingofkool

Thebrad's Bio

Thebrad started out just as any other pirate. He was poor and was not good at puzzling. He looked for a good crew that would help him get started, but there were not many good crews. Then he found Midnight Moonlight by the cap in the inn. He joined and really liked it. The crew was about trust and he made it to the rank senior officer in two weeks. But the crew disbanded and he joined the crew captained by his friend Grim. After joining, he met a new friend, Magiksword. He talked about a crew he was going to make and planed to join it. He gave him a war brig and a sloop and even got to be a senior officer. Now Thebrad has become a better puzzler and owns some ships. On June 30th 2008 Thebrad Left his crew Death Before Dishonor and went on to makeing his own crew Golden Explorers. After a few weeks the crew had failed. Thebrad left the crew which made it disband. After that thebrad created Mighty Fleet. Thay crew started growing fast and he soon created Mixed Chemicals

Thebrad on the Fourm's

Thebrad post on Sage Parley under the name of pizzab. He gets yelled at alot on the fourms and seems to be getting random tells because of it.

Contributions and Accomplishments

  1. Former royal of Honor Bound
  2. Former royal of Fleet Of Dreams
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