The Gemmerz

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The Gemmerz at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Donttouchme
Senior Officer(s) Boatrocker, Dumbeldoorf, Faithfady
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Sisterhood of Wenches
Founded 24 April, 2008
Last updated on 1 March, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info

The Gemmerz was founded by Foof on April 24, 2008.


Foof created The Gemmerz after having a falling out with the captain of Beer Caps of the flag Black Gold.

During this time, The Gemmerz was a part of Post Mortem, where its growth was aided by Foof's friends, Staycr and Masterbilly.

Foof worked hard in her new crew, working almost a full year with a mostly dormant crew. She made 49 ships using only PoE (no doubloons) within a month, and then sank 6 of them. Then she needed more ships and so she finally bought doubloons. Nowadays The Gemmerz has a sizeable fleet.

Public Statement

Wenches Rule Boys Druel Expect this game to cheat you with the OM's help We hit 4oth in crew fame on Mar 04/09

About the Crew

We are always looking for new members..............

This crew is also a training crew...........

This means that we do take the time to assign certain SO’s (Senior Officer’s) to help train junior members to upgrade their knowledge and understanding of this game


I apologize ahead of time if for some reason, I happen to plank you, it’s nothing personal unless, I just had to!

If we happen to land on an island where we can forage, feel free to forage there, and MOST of ALL MAKE sure that the rates are set and poes in the hold to avoind any misgivings

Thank You for foraging for us!

Anyone wishing to join this particular crew, make sure you are happy and have read the Rules and know the Things You Need to Know How To Do! sections of the info page.

Here is a list of deserters not to re hire again ::: crabcakes,habana and hocicos

Thank You Foof and TheWench


  1. Be kind to your fellow mates
  2. Always listen to the officer in charge (OIC) ... if they didn’t have faith in your capabilities they wouldn’t ask you to help them
  3. Never beg else you’ll be right off the Ship and Crew List ...
  4. No lazing what so ever on any of our ships, everyone must work if they want to earn their share of the PoE ... or you’ll be in the Drink
  5. Never argue in the crew chat, take it to tells. If it cannot be resolved then I (Foof) or Barhoum will resolve it for you, and not necessarily to your liking, but to the future of the crew's liking...
  6. Never insult nor downgrade anyone on any of our ships
  7. Respect the proper chain of command
  8. Don’t ask for a promotion, we will be aware of your constant progress in this venture and will be there beside you every step of the way
  9. Don’t ask silly questions during battle, either battle navigation, or melee combat. Preferably don’t ask any questions at this time if you can avoid it.
  11. Have fun and happy sailing


Cabin Person (CP)

Foof’s work force

Pirate (P)


Officer (O)

We will not be offering any new members officer status unless:

  1. They demonstrate to us that they can lead a pillage successfully.
  2. Run a few drills of their knowledge of evading engagement on 3 levels of ship; Sloop, Cutter and Merchant Brig; with no cannon balls aboard the ship, just for incentive for getting it right, hehehe!


If you own a ship or ships, do not pretend to own a ship by borrowing one to try to fool us. And you still have to do the drill exercise and show us that they will treat all whom cross their path with respect and act in a manner dignified of an Officer and understand the rules and guidelines set forth by this crew

Fleet Officer (FO)

FO status well needs Foof's or Thewench or Barhoum or Soyabean's trust. No ifs or buts about it so save your breath and anxiety for the Fun at hand.

Senior Officer (SO)

Highly Trusted by Foof and her Senior Officer’s and show us that they can work together to achieve the crew's common goals of prospering together