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The Dread Dutchers

From YPPedia

The Dread Dutchers at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Captain Guevara
Senior Officer(s) None
Politics Democratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Shadow Of The Storm
Founded 13 February, 2009
Dormant as of 16 January, 2011
Favicon.png Crew Info

The Dread Dutchers is a crew on the Viridian Ocean. It was founded by Guevara in the year 2009 on February 13.



  1. If you leave a ship in Battle you get a -1
  2. Team in Swordfight and in Rumble: We don't want solos, so form teams of 2-3 in a Swordfight and 3-4 in Rumble. If you don't know how to team ask an officer on board.
  3. Don't laze when the ship is at sea until the officer permits you to laze. The only exception is if there are no free duty stations.
  4. Respect the officer in charge (CO)
  5. It's okay to ask the Officer in Charge questions about joining the crew, but don't bother him in trade and/or challenges, there's a time for that... In port!
  6. Don't ignore your orders or disobey any of these rules or we will plank ye
  7. But don't forget the most important rule: Please have fun!


  • CO: Commanding Officer
  • XO: Second in Command
  • Teaming: In battle, click the other players box and team so that there are 2 and/or 3 dots in sword fighting, when rumbling team so that there are 3 and/or 4 dots.
  • Soloing: never fight alone, always team.
  • Stalling: In battle, when there is 3 or more dots on you do not press the space bar.


Icon pirate.png Pirate

  • Automatic when ye join !

Icon officer.png Officer

  • Have Narrow experience and at least a standing of Distinguished in Battle Navigating.
  • You need to recruit members to the crew.
  • Know how to run a Pilly.

Icon fleet officer.png Fleet Officer

  • You need to be a great Bnaver (Respected+) and pillage a lot.
  • You're trusted by most of the crew and the Captain.
  • It helps if you own a ship.

Icon senior officer.png Senior Officer

  • You will only be promoted to this by the captain. These are the most Respected members of the crew and have the captain's full trust.

Icon captain.png Captain

  • Guevara !

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