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Texasborn is Captain of Titan's Rebirth and Queen of Golden Destiny.


Texas started out her pirate career as a Pirate in Poseidon's Outlaws. With the help of many more experienced pirates Texas learned the "how-tos" and "what-fors" of the Hunter Ocean. Eventually she became a senior officer in the crew Poseidon's Outlaws and then became Monarch of the flag Illuminatti Nov 2010-June 2011.

In September 2011 she made the move to her own crew and and flag with the support of Dwizzles, Muurphie, and the whole Illuminatti gang! Her trusty notebook filled with the knowledge she had gleaned from the sages kept her company on this new adventure.


A few things to know about Texas as you never know when they may show up in a trivia. Her current home is Doyle and her favorite color is purple. Texas' first ship was the Elegant Chub, given to her by Muurphie and Msudawgs after their (Illuminatti's) first blockade. Paihia was the first island Texas governed. Later on she governed Sayers and helped defend it from BKs and PvPers.

As for personal matters, Texas loves the NFL team Tennessee Titans. On the game, she loves CIs, SMHs and pillages and her favorite color is anything in the purple family.

Due to many of Texas' lovely hearties, Texas completed her goal of memming Hunter Ocean on 30 Jan 2012. Texas has numerous other goals like blockading with her flag Golden Destiny and getting a purple or lavender Octo. Thanks to Muurphie, Texas has been able to complete a goal of owning an Ippolito.