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This template is for use in Proposals for the Event E2. To use, first create your proposal sub-page by going to the URL http://yppedia.puzzlepirates.com/Event_E2/Proposal_yourusernamehere . Copy and paste the text below into the page:

{{E2 |
Username= |
Event Name= |
Brief Description= |
Audience= |
Unit of Entry= |
Expected Participation= |
Platform= |
Elapsed Time= |
Participation Time= |
Judging Time= |
Extended Description= |
Judging= |
Prizes= |
Volunteer Assistance= |
OM Assistance= |
Workshop Coaching= |
Previous Similar Events= |
Qualifications= |

Each of the fields in the template is mandatory, just put the info for each field between the = and |. An explanation of each field, along with Sample Values, can be found in the table below. The Sample Values are based on what the answers might have been if you were proposing the Poetry Death Match. An example of the completed template is visible here

Field Explanation Sample Value
Username Your username for the wiki, this should be the same as your forum username, but is not necessarily the name of your pirate. Jasandrea
Event Name Give your event a catchy name that we can use to reference it. Poetry Death Match
Brief Description A very brief description of your event. Try to explain the basics in 25 words or less. A double elimination poetry tournament, where poets write assigned forms and are judged in comparison with their direct match.
Audience What group of players will most likely participate in your event? Writers? Greenies? High level pillagers? Everyone? Writers
Unit of Entry How will participants enter your Event? As individual players? With submissions, possibly more than one per participant? Teams? Are the teams arbitrary or crew/flag based? Individual entries.
Expected Participation How many people do you think can and will participate in your event? If you plan to place hard limits on participation, please specify how the limits will be enforced. Limited to 128 entrants. Initial submissions on a first come, first entered basis.
Platform Where will your event take place? If it's on the ocean, please specify which one. Forums or wiki are also possible. Forum with some wiki involvement.
Elapsed Time How long will your event take from start to finish. 2 and a half months.
Participation Time How long will each participant's involvement last. This might range from a few minutes for a duty puzzle competition (longer if they're expected to stay and help man the rest of the competition) to the better part of the day for a massive drinking tourney to a couple of hours a day for several days to create a forum contest entry. 1-5 hours per round, with 1-3 rounds per week until they are eliminated.
Judging Time How much time will it take for the winners to be determined after the completion of the competition. This might range from instantaneous for races to several days for forum contests. 24-48 hours after each round, included final round.
Extended Description Describe your event more completely. In each round, participants will be matched up as part of a double elimination tournament bracket. They will be assigned a poetry form and subject, and given a deadline for submission. Participants will submit their poems to a main forum thread opened specifically for each round. Once the round deadline is reached, the poems will be matched between opponents and reposted to a wiki page for easy comparison. Each participant is required to vote on all of the other matches, with votes submitted via email. Votes will be tabulated and participants will be advanced through the bracket according to standard double elimination rules. In the end, there will be one final winner, who will receive a familiar. Other prizes will be awarded for lower finishes.
Judging What criteria will be used to determine the winner? This might be obvious in the case of a race, or more vague in case of an artistic contest. If calculations are involved (as in duty puzzle bakeoffs), please outline them here. Also, please specify in general terms who your judges will be if judges are required (ie, OMs, members of your flag, past familiar winners, just you at the finish line) Winners will be determined by votes from the contest entrants themselves. Adherence to form is the primary criteria with other subjective criteria used for comparison including word choice, and effective use of the subject matter. However, with individual voting, there is no enforcement of these suggested criterea.
Prizes List the prizes you feel would be appropriate for the event. OMs might be willing to supply prizes for your Events (e.g. trinkets, renames, familiars), but will not necessarily do so. You should be prepared to provide at least some of your own prizes (ships, clothing, PoE), and may solicit donations from others to cover those prizes. Prize lists will be finalized during the workshop phase, but as is always the case with OM supplied prizes, they may pull them out if the event is unfair or incomplete. Familiar for the winner, a poet's cottage for second place (a cottage fully of slightly shabby but book and scroll oriented furniture), renamed cutters for 3rd and 4th, trinkets for top 12 finish.
Volunteer Assistance How many people, other than participants will be required to run this event? These might be judges, special characters, people to bilge to keep a ship afloat, etc. If there are any specific requirements - alts with special names, for example - please call those out, as well. The OMs and Mentors will not be your volunteers. You should plan to ask your hearties and flagmates to assist you, if required. No additional volunteers required.
OM Assistance What special OM powers might you need to make your event happen? Broadcasts, ship-whisking, brigands turned off on a route, special items majiked up, etc. Forum threads stickied for each round.
Workshop Coaching Describe any potential issues with your events, problems or details that you want to work out during the workshop / coaching phase. With user voting, always the possibility of attempts to manipulate the vote, as well as block or popularity voting. How can we mitigate this?
Previous Similar Events Have there been events like yours in the past? How is your event different from things we might compare it to? Past poetry contests (including the Sonnet contest and Sestina contest) have focused on single forms, and entries and selecting the winners out of the whole pool. The Death Match is a tournament style event, so there are multiple rounds and winners are based out of direct comparison of two entries.
Qualifications What previous experience do you have running events that will allow you to make your event successful? What support do you have available from your crew and/or flag to make your event successful? Previous experience running events includes many Looterati events like the Jorvik Field Day, as well as the previous familiar event Mystery Short Story Contest and it's companion contest, the Mystery Shorter Story Contest. My flag, Looterati, is well know for running events, and has an established event fund in order to help fund prizes.