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Poetry Death Match
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A double elimination poetry tournament, where poets write assigned forms and are judged in comparison with their direct match.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Writers, forum types Elapsed time 2 and a half months
Unit of Entry Individual entries. Participant Time 1-5 hours per round, with 1-3 rounds per week until they are eliminated.
Expected Participation Limited to 128 entrants. Initial submissions on a first come, first entered basis. Judging Time 24-48 hours after each round, included final round.
Platform Forum with some wiki involvement.


Event Description

In each round, participants will be matched up as part of a double elimination tournament bracket. They will be assigned a poetry form and subject, and given a deadline for submission. Participants will submit their poems to a main forum thread opened specifically for each round. Once the round deadline is reached, the poems will be matched between opponents and reposted to a wiki page for easy comparison. Each participant is required to vote on all of the other matches, with votes submitted via email. Votes will be tabulated and participants will be advanced through the bracket according to standard double elimination rules. In the end, there will be one final winner, who will receive a familiar. Other prizes will be awarded for lower finishes.


Winners will be determined by votes from the contest entrants themselves. Adherence to form is the primary criteria with other subjective criteria used for comparison including word choice, and effective use of the subject matter. However, with individual voting, there is no enforcement of these suggested criteria.


Familiar for the winner, a poet's cottage for second place (a cottage fully of slightly shabby but book and scroll oriented furniture), renamed cutters for 3rd and 4th, trinkets for top 12 finish.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

No additional volunteers required.

OM Assistance

Forum threads stickied for each round. Help with prizes - familiar, ship renames, ribbons for runners up.

Workshop Coaching

With user voting, always the possibility of attempts to manipulate the vote, as well as block or popularity voting. How would we mitigate this?


Previous Similar Events

Past poetry contests (including the Sonnet contest and Sestina contest) have focused on single forms, and entries and selecting the winners out of the whole pool. The Death Match is a tournament style event, so there are multiple rounds and winners are based out of direct comparison of two entries.


Previous experience running events includes many Looterati events like the Jorvik Field Day, as well as the previous familiar event Mystery Short Story Contest and it's companion contest, the Mystery Shorter Story Contest. My flag, Looterati, is well know for running events, and has an established event fund in order to help fund prizes.