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{{Infobox building/type-{{{type}}}-dusted-no|ocean={{{ocean}}}}} on
{{{{{ocean}}}|1={{{island}}}}} ({{{{{ocean}}}|{{{arch}}} Archipelago}})
[[{{{ocean}}} Ocean]]
Owner {{{owner}}}


These usage notes will not be included in articles bearing this template.

{{infobox building
|date=Month Year
|managers=List of piratenames, separated by commas



  • name - The name of the building, as it appears in game
  • ocean - The ocean on which the building appears
  • island - Full island name
  • arch - The archiplago containing the building's island
  • owner - The name of the pirate owning the building
  • type - This must be an actual building type. One word (remove spaces), and all lowercase.


  • size - Regular, upgraded or bazaar. Defaults to regular.
  • facing - Can be either left, right, or unknown. Default is unknown.
  • managed - Use yes if the building has managers. If no, the next parameter is ignored. The default is no.
  • managers - The names of the managers. Defaults to blank.
  • screenshot - If a screenshot is available according to the naming scheme, put yes. If the name exists for a building on multiple islands on the same ocean, and the article name itself is not disambiguated, use island. Default is no.
  • erected - Yes if the finished date information is available. Defaults to no. If no, the next parameter is ignored.
  • date - Date the construction was finished on the building. Defaults to blank.
  • dusted - If the building no longer exists, put yes. Defaults to no. If no, the next parameter is ignored.
  • dustdate - Date the building was dusted, if known. Defaults to unknown.
  • Note: Only shops, bazaars, inns, forts and banks can have dusted set to yes.