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Tammygal is the captain of the crew Boochin' Drunks on the Cobalt Ocean. She a lady of the flag Super Awesomeness.

Tammygal's General Info

  • Citizen of Onyx
  • Captain of Boochin' Drunks
  • Lady of the flag Super Awesomeness

List of Accomplishments


Boochin' Drunks is of the best crews on Cobalt, in crew ranking as well as having regular crew and flag events. That is because of the awesome leadership of Tammygal. She runs regular pillages every week, as well as trips to Cursed Isles. One crew member, Sandyshore, said of Tammygal, “Well… she is smart, funny, types fast, loves dogs, and loves her Mom.” “She is super helpful to new players on the game.” “She loves to throw parties, and rocks at all the puzzles on the game.” She is very patient when training new officers. She is great at multitasking; she can talk to the crew on skype while she maxes an Imperial.

Join Tammygal on Tuesday night for a fun pillage!