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Talk:Pirate Commodity Trader with Bleach

From YPPedia

Gorondo, just wanted to say thanks for a great website. Very helpful and useful info there. I ran into a small problem though, when trying to upload info for Barbary Island. When trying to upload the current market info, it doesn't detect the island automatically like it does with almost every island on Sage. It gives the option of Other Island, and I choose Sage then Barbary. When I choose that, and click Select, the following comes up: Photo of the error. I figured I'd let you know, so that the Barbary Island info could be updated and made fully available on the PCTB site. Also, I should be able to help with uploading data on most, if not all of the islands, at least once a week or more often. Thanks again. :-)

- Ronindh

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