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Why is this article in the English language YPPedia instead of the German language one if this article aimed at a very small community of pirates?

Since two of the four pirates on the list state that they can be contacted on any ocean, I believe that it's not a good reason to remove the navigation template, let alone the categories. -- Faulkston 23:01, 22 April 2015 (PDT)

The people who are reading it speak English. The pirates who have the ocean memmed and are listed on here speak English. The person building the pages speaks English. The page was basically built because two English speaking memmers had no contacts to help them chart if necessary and the page was built in case any other memmers from other oceans needed help.
Also, there is no other single viable page on the navigation template for this ocean. There is nothing else to link to from this Opal Memming Players page. No one ever even built these pages and unless some other pages are built that can be included on the navigation template specifically for the Opal Ocean, it makes no sense to have it here. It works for all other oceans (except Jade) because there are active external links to other pages for those oceans.
Faulkston: How about logging on to PP tomorrow and we can discuss in tells instead of here? I keep trying to find you online, instead of this back and forth within the ypp coded page. -- Chaboogie 00:34, April 23, 2015 (PDT)
It wasn't explicitly stated that the very small community of pirates referred to meant English speakers playing on the German language ocean rather than those players who were bilingual (or multilingual) in English and German. You mentioned other memmers from other oceans needing help - should the other ocean memming lists of players articles include a navigation link to this article? I am also curious as to why there should be two exceptions to the standard format for these activity lists articles. -- Faulkston 23:00, 23 April 2015 (PDT)