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Same player or different?

This article was recently slashed to remove the extensive biography of Joycey and then renamed to Joyceywoycey, with the claim "Changed pirate name", however, both pirates exist on Cerulean and both hold the Sixth Order of the Jolly Roger flag, so this is not a simple case of a pirate renaming. I would like to know whether this is the same player holding an alt, which might be unlikely given the disparity of puzzle standings between the two, as well as an entirely different account name now editing this article compared to the two who created and contributed first. If this is the same player with alts then both pirates should be acknowledged in this article. If this is a different player with a different pirate name then the articles need to be extricated from each other and maintained separately. You do not have the right to come in and take over someone else's article. Chupchup 06:17, 23 January 2013 (PST)

The claim, changed pirate name is valid, as I wrote this biography back when the oceans weren't merged. Since the merge, my pirate name became Joycey-west which I later changed to Joyceywoycey. I am in no relation to the current pirate named Joycey on the Cerulean ocean now.
I do have the right to change this article as it is my article. I have just logged onto my alt account to edit this as my main account cannot log onto Yppedia due to the no underscore username.—Preceding unsigned comment added by Softoys (talkcontribs)
What about the pirate, Joycey on Meridian? Is that a different player too? Chupchup 17:48, 24 January 2013 (PST)

Joycey on Meridian

Joycey on Meridian = Joyceywoycey on Cerulean