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These events won't run until February or March timeframe. Do you think people will still fondly remember the December Doodles that far removed? Jacquilynne / Jasandrea

I agree that it's likely that some won't really remember the contest which inspired this entry, let alone even know that there was something with Doodles last December. However, I'm of the opinion that it's impossible to know which OM will distinguish him/herself in February or March, so I can't plan the subject ahead of time...and someone like Bia doesn't lend themselves to awful pun prizes.
I've been toying with the idea of broadening the topic to generic greeting cards sent to Apollo (because if you're making greeting cards, they NEED a subject, and if the subject lends himself to horrible puns so much the better) and have a prize catagory be "Best 'I Don't Know Who You Are, But I Want Free Stuff So I'm Sending This To You Anyway' Card." I've got until the 5th to come up with a final decision. Shikyo


For anyone who reads I really so much of a genius where I came up with a foolproof event, or am I forgetting something? (Or is it just really really boring?) --Shikyo 13:28, 1 February 2006 (PST)

Greeting Cards

I think your event is a fabulous idea! It is fairly fool proof as you set the rules and if they arent adhered to, the submission gets the boot. (Much like my Food Fight)

I have a couple category ideas for you (certainly not my original thoughts, but taken from other things I have seen.) Could some of the cards not be animated? Or even come complete with some cheesy tune - like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - to which the poem was set in verse to? Im not entirely sure how feasable either idea is but if you asked around to some of the graphics gurus Im sure they could offer advice in both areas. Shandra (Taco)

Actually...I wasn't going to mention this when I announced the rules themselves, but I was hoping to leave the definitions of a greeting card open enough where someone who wanted to animate it (complete with a cheesy tune) could, and perhaps give the sloop to that creative individual with the most liberal interpretation of a greeting card.
I might end up jacking a page from the 'Lovesongs Piratey Style' competition in which I have people e-mail in any entries and edit Page 2 with links to all of the entries once the compeition is closed. (For one thing, I can sucker various people I know to help me host some of the more...complicated entries.) Dunno yet, th-- oh crap, gotta run to class! --Shikyo 09:47, 2 February 2006 (PST)

Only for OM buddies?

I think it's a great idea to thank the OMs, and I think for that reason tons of people would love to enter your event. However, I'm bothered by the fact that you've set the event up that one of the top criteria is making a "personal" card. You set up events where people who don't know the OMs could only receive a booby prize of "greenie" clothing. Just because I'm not a personal friend of an OM, or I haven't run millions of events and gotten to know them all, doesn't mean I don't appreciate all the hard work they put in. And if I prefer to make a birthday card, since you're not limiting this to thank you cards, why do I have to have the inside knowledge of what makes a birthday card particularly clever and appropriate to that OM (since "I like to draw cake" is listed as a bad reason?) I'm just afraid that this event will 1) eliminate unfairly those folks who adore the game and want to show thanks and are instead labeled "just trying to win prizes," and 2) end up with everyone accusing judges of playing favorites (since it is a bit "who you know" kind of contest). Could you rethink that bias in the event, and really just make it about heartfelt thanks? --Elsquido 22:27, 5 February 2006 (PST)

I edited it so that those (such as yourself) who lack diplomacy and/or tact can understand the justifications behind the 'personal' card requirement, though you are correct in that the other card options would confuse matters. That part has been eliminated.
And not all of us appreciate paragraph-filled rants involving accusations of bias, among other things. Diplomacy works better in getting answers. Just a little note of common sense. --Shikyo 23:34, 5 February 2006 (PST)