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The Awesome (To Be Edited With An Alliterative Title) OM Appreciation Contest
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It's the lovechild of a poetry and an art contest, wrapped in greeting card form.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Artistic Pirate-like Sorts Elapsed time Two weeks, max. One week for entries, one to six days to judge, and on the seventh the announcement of who gets what.
Unit of Entry Individual entries, limit one per customer. Participant Time However long they'd like?
Expected Participation The usual artistic crowd, the same sort who flocked to the Poetry Deathmatch and Bia's assorted short fiction contests. While, in terms of sanity, I'm hoping for a small crowd, I'm expecting a large turnout. Judging Time Ideally, twenty-four hours, but up until the next week.
Platform The forum is where the bulk of the contest will take place.


Event Description

The OMs do a fantastic job of generating fun events for us pirates to participate in. From Apollo's December Daily Doodles to Bia's Spooky Pirate Vignettes (I'd rather have a larger range of dates, but I'm too lazy to search for them at the moment) they have went above and beyond the call of duty. And what better way to thank them but with a greeting card?

In this contest, participants will compose a greeting card to the OM of their choice. This greeting card will consist of an image (undecided on the dimensions, though I'm leaning towards 500xSomething) and some text (with a word limit sufficient that the people who want to can write a sappy poem like most greeting card companies have on their cards, with room left over to add a short 'personalized' message.) The judges will need to know why the person is sending the card to whichever OM, so there's no, "Dear (Insert OM Here.) I like your doll so I'm thanking you." However, something with "Dear (Insert OM Here.) Thank you for (Insert Event Ran HERE.) Your doll is nifty." would work.

I'd also try to make sure that the definitions of a greeting card are loose enough where truly creative individuals can take the guidelines and run with them. (Because people will try to do so anyway, I figure.) And if someone can create a 3D representation of a card and make it work, more power to them.


The entries will be judged in a multitude of categories which run the gauntlet between the serious (Best Use of Color) to the silly (Greatest Overuse of an OM Name in 200 Words or Less.) There will be one card which will end up as the overall winner, with two main runners up. However, there will also be a number of other, smaller categories which entries will also be eligible to win, so to speak (one category win per person, please note) and these will also give out prizes. For the most part, said prizes will be silly booby prizes, though there will be some good ones in the lot...but, it’s not really about winning as it is thanking the OMs, right?

The categories will be listed below, under prizes, in a consistently updated list of glory and wonder.


I'm thinking that there will be three...grand prizes, of sorts. Or to put it another way, the winner and the two runners up.

Best Overall Image: Still undecided, though a basic portrait (I think) would work well. Alternatively, a ribbon trinket?

Best Overall Text: A white/grey parrot feather trinket would be superb, for the entire 'quill' motif. Or, I guess, another ribbon trinket.

Best Overall Card: A doll of whomever the winning card was 'sent' to. If the winning card was to Hypnos, then a Hypnos doll would be the grand prize...if it was to Hermes, the prize would be a Hermes doll.

And the 'silly' category prizes, though some might have decent rewards.

Most Witty/Sarcastic/Entertaining Card: Yellow/Yellow Rapier (Ooooh! Better not cut yourself on your rapier-sharp wit!)

The 'Good luck next time, Shakespeare' Melodrama Poetry Prize: A basic writing desk and a chair, so you can sit down and channel the Bard (or any other poet of choice) whenever you want.

Best 'I don't know who you are, but I like free stuff so I'm making this anyway' Card: I'm thinking of, perhaps, a full set of lime clothing. Because...okay, fine. I was going to make a greenie pun here. I admit it!

Best Usage of Stick Figures or Other 'Interesting' Art Forms: A stick. You know, for the stick figures? Oh, ha ha ha, I'm so punny!

Best Image Using a Traditional Non-Electronic Medium: Some kind of artistic piece of furniture, like a tree tapestry or a tall fetish. I'll need to think on this, though.

I'd also like to throw in hair dye somewhere, though it's somewhat hard to get a hold of at the moment. I've also got a sloop which I'll need to squeeze in somehow. I'm figuring that I'll try to cover computerized, traditional, and...unusual...artistic styles; give a nod to both poetry and prose; award both funny cards and serious ones. Trying to figure out how to do so without having a variable ocean of prizes (I'm aiming for a lake in terms of size) is going to be somewhat difficult.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

I’ve got it covered. The judges are/will be drawn from a base which covers as many different groups on Sage as possible, in order to prevent favoritism. The resource issue prevents me from declaring this an immediate cross-Ocean event, though I would prefer that....

OM Assistance

I’ll need a sloop rename ('Self-Centered Catfish' doesn't really...roll off of the tongue) and an OM doll, as well as any other trinkets. And if the OMs could take a gander at some of the cards, I think that would be awesome. I mean, not judging or anything like that, but it seems a bit silly to 'send' cards to them and not have the recipients read them.

Question...can the OMs move prizes from ocean to ocean? 'cause if so, that would also be awesome and solve the resource issue quite nicely.

Workshop Coaching

I'm specifically concerned about managing the time so that it doesn't end up bogged down and delayed. Also, while I've basically got contacts who've got the prizes more than covered in Sage, I'm still having no luck getting help from the other oceans...which is why I kinda want the Ultimate Prizes (caps included) to be trinkets and portraits, as they can be awarded on any ocean and I doubt a really established player on Midnight would want a basic desk.


Previous Similar Events

It resembles just about every other basic writing/drawing contest out there, from the Spooky Pirate Vignettes to touches of the Poetry Deathmatch. I'd view the fine difference in that it's rather...equal opportunity: one does not have to possess a fine command of poetic forms, nor of image editing, in order to possibly win a prize. Plus, if any other contest has such silly prize categories...? I'd be surprised.


I haven’t even been on Puzzle Pirates for a year, so obviously I’m new to the Puzzle Pirates contest arena. But, I have run creative writing contests before. (I’ll be happy to PM links if that’s needed.) Still, I’ve never run something which could get as huge as I’m pretty sure this one will.

...but, I'm pretty sure I'll run this contest anyway, even if I'm rejected from the shortlist. The idea amuses me.