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Turbo Drop?

I like the idea of people having to multitask while playing a parlor game, but do you think making the TD game turbo would favor those with a faster computer more? Meaning there’s a lot of talk on the forums about how turbo TD hurts people with any amount of lag so much that they miss turns. What if you didn’t use turbo, but made harder questions? That way lag wouldn’t be an issue, but people would still have to split their concentration. --Peanutswench 22:00, 28 January 2006 (PST)

I agree with Peanutswench on this one. Although Im not good at any form of TD, even on my cable connection I have at random times had issues with lag affecting the turbo form. Shandra (Taco)

Kari_Kamiya: It is a good point and I'm running through a few games myself to see what number of points would make the distraction worthwhile to even attempt. If we go by standard, however, there are a few other things to consider. One would be that the whole event would go on longer unless I have more help with me and second would be that 10 questions would not last more than 2 rounds. Of course, if I make the questions hard to google, then this is definitely something to consider. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try out different variations and points and re-edit my proposal as I find settings that are more fair.

Turbo vs 30

Turbo drop is about 10 seconds per turn. 30 seconds per turn is significantly slower.